The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 81

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The final clean!!! We have completed all of the major tasks and now we are ready to do a few little things to wrap this entire build up! So far we have knocked out every single room except the garage. We plan on doing something epic in there just to make this house even more unique! We are so close to the finished product and before you know it, it'll all be over!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock7 napja

    Wow amazing showing mistakes that we can learn from teaching us and teaching yourselves amazing loving the content of this house man I can’t believe how good it looks

    NITISH SURESH11 napja

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  • Ego14 _ LLG
    Ego14 _ LLG26 napja

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  • Ayush Sundar
    Ayush SundarHónapja

    NNOOOOOOOO the slip tiles looked better

  • Ethan Bird
    Ethan BirdHónapja

    Imagine if you guys were sponsored by Simplisafe and have there system setup all around your house

  • SNFOX_ElSavage

    The paper tape isn’t used there 😂😬 it’s mainly used on corners, the tape that looks like chicken wire is the one that goes onto a flat surface

  • Tom Aiger
    Tom AigerHónapja

    check this out, thumb down for the dumb merch ad! dont "support" millionairs! feel free to delete this comment AGAIN cowards!

  • Robert Mckeown
    Robert MckeownHónapja

    Look like Ghostbusters with the big house is looking amazing.

  • BSA_13 RealRacing3
    BSA_13 RealRacing3Hónapja

    It is Warmin’ up, on the north side of the planet 😉 13:04 it’s cleaner, but will it hold?

  • mastermoi

    When you screw your drywall, the head of the screw should not go through the paper layer of the drywall. Thats why they made drywall drills

  • Charles Eballa
    Charles EballaHónapja

    I like the food 👌👍😁

  • Pete Mitchell
    Pete MitchellHónapja

    These clickbate thumbnails are getting worse.

  • MrFad72

    Please pn

  • Daniel Boskovski
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  • Octane Street
    Octane StreetHónapja

    Billy really just nailed the intro just like Dang Son does! Haha nice switch up! I can just imagine how many ppl are suuuper stoked that the SUN stickers have finally been removed lol

  • Kenny Ball
    Kenny BallHónapja

    It used to be about cars it used to be really good Channel he used to be interested in helping me on the edge of my seat but now it's just a carpenter show and they're a dime a dozen

  • Michael

    Where’s the puppy 🐶 gone

  • Quien Vive
    Quien ViveHónapja


  • mluiga

    Just add a doorstep! It will keep the smell out, stop any water from miscoloring the hardwood and looks just as fine.

  • Nef
    Nef2 hónapja

    The sun labels are finally coming off. That means its almost but not 100% done, not complete.

  • Nef
    Nef2 hónapja

    You know you still paying rent for that portable latrine right ?? Even if you dont use it.

  • Darin
    Darin2 hónapja

    where is your Dobie puppy????

  • Mumblez
    Mumblez2 hónapja

    Buy a wooden Threshhold for the bathroom door or just make one yourselves

  • Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer2 hónapja

    Dang son the Dang sun windows are letting in more sun now that the sun stickers are off!

  • Alden Fahringer
    Alden Fahringer2 hónapja

    Where'd your mom get that Sharp Shopper bag? That bag is like a badge of wisdom.

  • David Rolfe
    David Rolfe2 hónapja

    Hey guys, Just thinking about the area under your deck, As it is, whenever it rains, anything under it will also get wet. Have you thought about installing a false ceiling under your deck? You may need to consider how to clean it as there are a number of trees around the back yard. Just a thought, keep up the content and bring on the garage project.

  • FaithfulMC
    FaithfulMC2 hónapja

    YOU PUT THE DRYWALL CLIPS IN BACKWARDS.... edit: nvm, you changed it before mud

  • Motty Shain
    Motty Shain2 hónapja

    We appreciate not using the small shower glass issue as clickbait

  • Joe Craw
    Joe Craw2 hónapja

    I feel like I could clean my own house but why when I can watch the goonzquad.. love the channel guys keep it up

  • xeaqzy
    xeaqzy2 hónapja

    some dream led lights would fit right in that last room with the garage door man i promise you won’t regret it

  • Leek Mitx
    Leek Mitx2 hónapja

    Stop with your hands waving while talking

  • Garlan Minton
    Garlan Minton2 hónapja

    How much do yall want for all the tools you're never going to use again? Lol

  • Lil Marzo
    Lil Marzo2 hónapja

    I forgot that they had pets 😂

  • Gray Filtered
    Gray Filtered2 hónapja

    17:59 yeah like in the 90’s

  • Ray Spencer
    Ray Spencer2 hónapja

    I know the boys won't see this, but, nice editing at 12:09.

  • Richard O'connor
    Richard O'connor2 hónapja

    That wall on the stair case would drive me nuts as one will see your crap patch job every time using the steps.

  • Martin Hayward
    Martin Hayward2 hónapja

    What country are your parents from? Poland, Hungary, Slovakia?

  • MSW
    MSW2 hónapja

    Awesome, another bathroom tile video!

  • Pieter allen Master Blue
    Pieter allen Master Blue2 hónapja

    you are mixing a lot of the old videos with the new videos guys come on guys we are not idiots

  • Jc Sosa
    Jc Sosa2 hónapja

    Epoxy on the garage floor mark my words lmao

  • de Caci
    de Caci2 hónapja

    How about a Goonzquad tee with the inscription "2 By 4" ? I think it was one of all expressions you usually use, the one that has been heard the most lately :) Just an idiea from Lisbon, Portugal :) Wish you the best guys.

  • Howard Meyers
    Howard Meyers2 hónapja

    Wear is n no 82

  • kyle ore
    kyle ore2 hónapja

    Immagine rebuilding a car in that beautiful garage

  • Blue Tuscani
    Blue Tuscani2 hónapja

    Am wondering...for whom will be this house??

  • John Stedman

    John Stedman

    2 hónapja

    Eleazar ('Billy') and his wife will be creating their home here. Simeon ('Simon') is planning to build his own residence nearby.

  • Cheyenne Sutton
    Cheyenne Sutton2 hónapja

    You guys should incorporate tile in the next shirt somehow😂... can’t get away from it lol

  • Timothy M
    Timothy M2 hónapja

    Finish the house already so we can get back to car builds!

  • Jeffrey Denecke
    Jeffrey Denecke2 hónapja

    Door Saddles, lose the garage door and put patio sliders in, start overseeding the sod.

  • Hunter Simoens
    Hunter Simoens2 hónapja

    Are u guys still doing a new garage door??

  • John Stedman

    John Stedman

    2 hónapja

    Goonzquad have stated that a custom-made replacement door of a more suitable design has been placed on order, and will be professionally installed when it is delivered.

  • udovdh
    udovdh2 hónapja

    Final!? No rebuild in brick....

  • Leon Verdonschot
    Leon Verdonschot2 hónapja

    Don't cut the floor. You should make a ledge so the water from the bathroom can never run on the oak floor.

  • Oyunbaatar U
    Oyunbaatar U2 hónapja

    if that garage room was my room, i would live in there with that lambo, ferrari or hellcat ...

  • Masud Hasan
    Masud Hasan2 hónapja

    Waiting for your next video

  • Noah stephens
    Noah stephens2 hónapja

    I’ve been here since the start of the Supra and still waiting for it to finish

  • Got Ammo
    Got Ammo2 hónapja

    18:44 FINALLY

  • Joe Nason
    Joe Nason2 hónapja

    Epoxy floor. I’m calling it and accordion doors would be cool in place of garage door

  • 1 2
    1 22 hónapja

    House party. Wee haa.

  • Matthew West
    Matthew West2 hónapja

    can i get wood you guys make happy

  • Davey May
    Davey May2 hónapja

    Guys what you've done to get to this point has been amazing. The house is looking awesome and wanted to congratulate you and your father in making this house looking fantastic. Well done guys 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Babylon Hangers
    Babylon Hangers2 hónapja

    18:43 they’ve done it boys

  • Gerardo Valenzuela
    Gerardo Valenzuela2 hónapja

    What happened to the doberman

  • James Weaver
    James Weaver2 hónapja


  • Adam Khan
    Adam Khan2 hónapja

    I was thinking epoxy with a giant goonzquad logo 🤔 it's gonna look sick what ever they do. X

  • Rupert Vimpany
    Rupert Vimpany2 hónapja

    You need curtains to cut down the ecco.

  • Edilson Carneiro
    Edilson Carneiro2 hónapja

    Essa casa está ficando top top

  • alfred olthof
    alfred olthof2 hónapja

    hey dude

  • pmyhill
    pmyhill2 hónapja

    Just catching up on episodes, if you've made a steam room shower in master why not build a small seat to allow you to chillout and relax in there ?

  • JimmyJokes
    JimmyJokes2 hónapja

    Why does one brother do mostly everything why doesn't someone brother who knows how to do a lot teach the other brother and have him on camera half the time doing work it's always the one guy doing work what the heck teach your brother I think he's a pro at doing camera work now 😂

  • wirenut003
    wirenut0032 hónapja

    The shower shelve should be tilted down in the front, so water will not stand in it all the time.

  • Lucas schmidt
    Lucas schmidt2 hónapja

    you guys should have thought of sound dampeners in the ceiling or walls, the echoing is insane :D

  • NickyJay Beats
    NickyJay Beats2 hónapja

    I hope they epoxy the garage / living space floor 😍

  • Mihael Vukovic
    Mihael Vukovic2 hónapja

    Part 81 haha. Last I watched was part 5 when they were cutting trees.

  • Jay P
    Jay P2 hónapja

    This has probably been mentioned but what happened to the microphone sound quality?

  • Мирон
    Мирон2 hónapja


  • Gordon Ellis Jr
    Gordon Ellis Jr2 hónapja

    A white marble door thresh hold would look really nice between the hardwood and the black hexagon tile in the bathroom. Only thing you would have to get one thin enough to fit under the bathroom door.

  • James Bowman
    James Bowman2 hónapja

    Whatever happen to the Doberman puppy?

  • Rufuss33
    Rufuss332 hónapja

    Let me guess. Flooring epoxy coating.

  • BStard
    BStard2 hónapja

    HUbase bought this video

  • Drew Miller
    Drew Miller2 hónapja

    What you are calling silicone is actually latex. The thing you called a spatula is actually a taping knife or even calling it a trowel would by more accurate than calling it a spatula. You guys seriously need to go back to building cars.

  • John Joyce
    John Joyce2 hónapja

    Ugly door handels

  • Edgardo Rivera Ortiz
    Edgardo Rivera Ortiz2 hónapja

    You should went with the Google doorbell since your thermostat is from Google.

  • Tyler Serrano
    Tyler Serrano2 hónapja

    Yall should frame some OG goonzquad merch like they do for sports players jerseys and hang them in the game room.

  • Peyton KTM
    Peyton KTM2 hónapja

    U should do a befor and after of the inside

  • justinprescott2000
    justinprescott20002 hónapja

    Epoxy flooring

  • dwdrps
    dwdrps2 hónapja

    2:30 why does everybody do that? 😂

  • Jj Mang
    Jj Mang2 hónapja

    Thats how u learn boyz...👍

  • Filip Pastor
    Filip Pastor2 hónapja

    Hi guys i never write comments unde any videos but today i want to ask you something. I watching your channel simce F250 build 3 years ago. I always found your videos entertaing and great to watch but lately your content has been only house building. Will there be some car build soon or not. Thanks for ansvering.

  • Filip Pastor

    Filip Pastor

    2 hónapja

    @John Stedman thanks for info

  • John Stedman

    John Stedman

    2 hónapja

    New car projects are imminent. One vehicle has already been purchased, but is not being revealed until everything is ready to go. Construction of their large new garage/workshop in Downtown Chattanooga is already in progress.

  • stephen doing
    stephen doing2 hónapja

    Nice job guys! Where did you get your door handles?

  • John Stedman

    John Stedman

    2 hónapja

    Those square black door handle sets came from Amazon.

  • Eldorado Manchuria
    Eldorado Manchuria2 hónapja

    The louvered doors separating rooms are stupid as fuck. Too much noise

  • David Stenström
    David Stenström2 hónapja

    Usually taking out big pieces of sheetrock to line up with the wooden joist is the way to go

  • Mohammed Baloushi
    Mohammed Baloushi2 hónapja

    do a cinema instead of the carage that will be epic

  • nestor calderon
    nestor calderon2 hónapja

    Who is your internet provider out there

  • John Stedman

    John Stedman

    2 hónapja

    AT&T Fiber seems to be the most popular at the moment, with speeds up to 1Gbps. Xfinity may be faster, up to 2Gbps in some areas. Chattanooga has a good reputation for Internet serices generally, particularly for business customers

  • B6jfkmx
    B6jfkmx2 hónapja

    Them boyzzzz just lost their HomeDepot sponsorship by shopping at Amazon for door handles 😂

  • 19_ADS_97
    19_ADS_972 hónapja

    The house looks so amazing omg guys you’re killing it! DANGGGGG SONNNNNNN

  • Hammer Time
    Hammer Time2 hónapja

    I’m sure it will be an epoxy floor.

  • Chespi Morales
    Chespi Morales2 hónapja

    The house is looking good

  • Cali life BAZ
    Cali life BAZ2 hónapja

    One thing I’ve learned from these guys is to keep a smile on through ur day and it’s on to make mistakes. These guys have a great attitude about everything.

  • mikemckelvie
    mikemckelvie2 hónapja

    HAS to be a single car showroom in the garage with a pool table, seating etc.

  • Robert Hoffman

    Robert Hoffman

    2 hónapja

    That’s a great idea

  • Jason blankenship
    Jason blankenship2 hónapja

    There on thing you guy forgot to check in on no slammed doors

  • Simba
    Simba2 hónapja

    What we have all been waiting for finally they remove some of the stickers 😂

  • Subi Driver
    Subi Driver2 hónapja

    Just make the door open out lol then just cover the holes from where the hinges were before