The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 83

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This is a game changer!!! This house just got even more epic! With all the rooms finished up, we decided to finish the last one with a bang. This garage room area is looking super awesome and we couldn't have asked for a better product. Huge thanks to Legarri for providing an awesome kit which allowed us to make this happen! This house project has been a wild one, and here soon it'll all be over!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock7 napja

    Wow this flooor looks amazing freaking so cool and the stairs look so good this whole house is taking shape fast

  • Ethan Macheras
    Ethan Macheras12 napja

    floor looks awesome!

  • tutorial doyon chanel
    tutorial doyon chanel19 napja

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  • Nathan Hovanec
    Nathan HovanecHónapja

    If we need to see it in person is that an invite to all viewers to come over for a bbq? Lol

  • Bryce Haskell
    Bryce HaskellHónapja

    Dang it looks like a car show room bro

  • Mach One
    Mach OneHónapja


  • franco castillo
    franco castilloHónapja

    Empezaron a aser casas yo los veia por los autos 😡

  • Cliff Glines
    Cliff GlinesHónapja

    It may be a b*tch to see anything you drop on the floor with the swirls. Oh well it looks cool!

  • BSA_13 RealRacing3
    BSA_13 RealRacing3Hónapja

    Eeeeehh that pipe in the corner.... it would have been droped in the floor - had it been in Denmark...thats not up to code...(in Denmark 😆🤣)

  • jimmykol

    i watched those Legarri videos and you guys knocked it out great.... nice to see a non pro use the product with success. i hope it lasts .... that is the follow up ill be looking forward too..... close to doing it to my home in Fl.

  • Charles Eballa
    Charles EballaHónapja

    Stone coat countertops 👍👌

  • Galaxy 1000
    Galaxy 1000Hónapja

    You guys make me l laugh 😂 every time I watch your guys videos keep up the great work 👍

  • Galaxy 1000
    Galaxy 1000Hónapja

    I love your videos keep up the great work guys

  • Cadjano

    Amazing floor! My floor is only carpet 😄

  • Thatguywithnopancreas

    That location is soo =

  • Thatguywithnopancreas

    When are Y'ALL gonna get goin

  • Offensive Mike
    Offensive MikeHónapja

    That floor is like absolutely amazing! Great Job fellas!👍🏼

  • T W
    T WHónapja

    All you have to do is marinate your chicken breast in dill pickle juice and bread or not.. there ya go! And add a slice of dill on the sandwich!

  • chedacheese

    Missed the step of taking a torch to the floor to pop all the bubbles after laying down the expoxy.

  • Lee Charlie
    Lee CharlieHónapja

    That floor job is mind blowing puaaaaaaaaaaa

  • shooter23231

    Pops comin in clutch with his endless knowledge of literally everything

  • Brandon Bryant

    Brandon Bryant


    I was gonna say he’s always clutching in almost every video 🤣🤣

  • Josh Smith
    Josh SmithHónapja

    Bob Vilas want be, back to doing cars .

  • F A
    F AHónapja

    There's nothing goonzquad can't do!

  • alex martin
    alex martinHónapja

    Where are they from? I can hear an accent from the dad

  • Skiridr22

    That’s a piece of art

  • Skiridr22

    I just watched the Goonzquad brother who build super cars mod a soccer shoe 😢 amazing

  • Joel Watkins
    Joel WatkinsHónapja

    Oh Dude!

  • Eric Hanson
    Eric HansonHónapja

    Have seen some amazing floors on youtube but i do love the metallic grey with that black accents in it. You guys did an awesome job at putting that stuff together for your first time.

  • Alexander Plays
    Alexander PlaysHónapja

    We don’t have sunlight we are in a flood

  • Foz Boiii
    Foz BoiiiHónapja


  • Amir Fathi Rad
    Amir Fathi RadHónapja

    woowww with love from Iran

  • Vincent Roelandts
    Vincent RoelandtsHónapja

    could we see what the door sills gonna look like? Planning, since this video, the same in my man-cave/workshop/garage....

  • Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling StaufferHónapja

    It's great seeing the sister for once! I can definitely see the family resemblance.

  • Zachary Build
    Zachary BuildHónapja

    what cars going in the house ??

  • meinasalon

    Don't ride a motorcycle with Crocs. Wear proper boots. And if you have a $10 head, wear a $10 helmet. Not a single ride without proper gear.

  • Leam Maddon
    Leam MaddonHónapja

    When are you guys going to drive cars again I miss the farrari and the Lamborghini and the supra and the mustang

  • Jimf

    what was the brand of expoxy filler you used?

  • Rohan Mahera
    Rohan MaheraHónapja

    I can hear that floor saying DANNNNGGG SOONNNNN 😎😂

  • Denise Gallardo
    Denise GallardoHónapja

    Hi i just want to know what did you used to make the flooring.. Im also doing renovation and tiles or marble is expensive and that is a good idea hope you can share what you used

  • Octane Street
    Octane StreetHónapja

    Wow.. that end result is insane! Showroom flooring, the new actual Garage better have something similar!!

  • Braden Mayer
    Braden MayerHónapja

    you guys should make that room a little show room

  • C B
    C BHónapja

    Simon was Hyped slightly More than usual at the end :)

  • Wayne Claremont
    Wayne ClaremontHónapja

    This is an example of God blessing two great young men. They have honored him.

  • luis osorio luna
    luis osorio lunaHónapja

    You guys should of used a torch because its would take all the small bubbles and you guys should not walk on it for 30 days so it can cure

  • Tanner Mcguire
    Tanner McguireHónapja

    It's a good thing you guys head adult supervision...........

  • Bonnie Bartlett
    Bonnie BartlettHónapja

    Dang Son.... Love you guys.... You remind me of our sons. Love the new plants out front.... BUT ONE THING MISSING !!! The front door is BEGGING for a porch roof over the slab... Please get on that will you please 😂😄😄🤣😀 that will just finish it! Oh with posts of stone... Lol... Just saying 😉

  • Harun Dy
    Harun DyHónapja

    You guys are good marketers and have good energy. But floor looks horrible...

  • Charlie Warlie
    Charlie WarlieHónapja

    20:40 pops is right...alcohol will clear the intake of gunk

  • Vincent James Voice
    Vincent James VoiceHónapja

    I'm surprised they didn't buff that floor to a near OEM finish ;-)

  • masskilla469

    I did my Basement and Garage floors in that and my Wife was Blown away the way it came out!! The Kids Love The Basement after I finished it with Owens Corning and Because of the way The Walls and Ceiling Go on I still have easy Access to the Pipes if needed.

  • Ian Milo
    Ian MiloHónapja

    83 episodes since the last I watched... I came here for cars, not houses....

  • Jacob Grider
    Jacob GriderHónapja

    Going to be an awesome showroom for the builds!!

  • Alvise Rombolotto
    Alvise RombolottoHónapja


  • Gray Filtered
    Gray FilteredHónapja

    Pretty awesome , can you guys make a video when you’re just having fun on the motorcycles ? Also why did you go with the Suzuki and not some other brand ? Could be a fun video to watch

  • Alvise Rombolotto
    Alvise RombolottoHónapja


  • Daniel Le
    Daniel LeHónapja

    Would you consider adding diamond playing to the staircase outside?

  • mark Persaud
    mark PersaudHónapja

    Love that bike bro

  • William A Jones
    William A JonesHónapja

    That's awesome dude

  • Phil

    Dang!!! This floor looks awesome!

  • Carmela Sanchez
    Carmela SanchezHónapja


  • Carmela Sanchez
    Carmela SanchezHónapja


  • Ярослав Селени
    Ярослав СелениHónapja

    Пацаны, вы монстры!)

  • steve ash
    steve ashHónapja

    I turn off vids becouse of ads I'm sick of been force to watch... So I dont

  • George McNally
    George McNallyHónapja



    We need an update on that pup you guys picked up a while back haven’t herd anything about the chickens either :(

  • Filip Wennergren
    Filip WennergrenHónapja

    Really nice work guys!!! Greatings from Stockholm Sweden.

  • Ben Muller
    Ben MullerHónapja

    Should get someone to cut some vinyl in a neon or bright color of the logo and have it put down on top then throw a clear over it

  • goog le
    goog leHónapja

    floor looks like marble

  • Billy Ward
    Billy WardHónapja

    @24:05 was that chief?

  • Rob Martinez
    Rob MartinezHónapja

    Nice ballerina dance billy lol

  • Enzo Bazzarella
    Enzo BazzarellaHónapja

    24:10 send me the address

  • plumber802

    Thumbs up for your Pops!!!

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis GarciaHónapja

    Was that the doberman that y'all got in the background by the door at 24:05

  • Martyp822

    Anybody know what that vacuum attachment on top of the buckets was?

  • Essa Almaqbali
    Essa AlmaqbaliHónapja

  • Brad_Woodall_REI

    You guys should really insulate that cmu knee wall with some rigid foam insulation, then build a 2x4 knee wall in front of it and drywall it. It’s gonna get a bit drafty and cold in there in the winter. The rigid foam will also stop vapor transmission of water vapor wanting to dry out of that cmu into the garage area.

  • Oopp0 656
    Oopp0 656Hónapja


  • Dave Donlick
    Dave DonlickHónapja

    When is the grill coming?

  • codsac

    why isn't there a drain in the middle of the floor in the epoxy floored basement?

  • John Stedman

    John Stedman


    The space which has had an epoxy resin floor finish installed is actually on the Ground Floor (often but not always referred to as the 'First Floor' in US English) and the building does not have a Basement. This room is to be used as living accommodation and possibly storage, and is no longer legally defined as a garage. The drainage pipework beneath the slab was laid in 2008 by the original owner, and Goonzquad chose not to amend this layout.

  • codsac

    o another release lmfao

  • Rab K
    Rab KHónapja

    Way to go dudes with that garage floor looks super fire :-)

  • Mikayil Taşkın
    Mikayil TaşkınHónapja

    21:37 looks the moon

  • RedLiner

    Just love the intro. Every video starts pretty much like: danggg and ohh my god and i love it👌🏻

  • Ryan Mcqueen
    Ryan McqueenHónapja

    Is it just me that sees oil spills on that floor? Shouldn’t it be poured in thinner longer lines and then mixed in to make a pattern. Not just dumped in one spot.

  • Kyle Camilleri
    Kyle CamilleriHónapja

    Goonzsquard you guys are so entertaining to watch

  • Boyan Tringov
    Boyan TringovHónapja

    1:37 This set is great for porn movies ...:) :) :) Still great work on the house ...

  • Patrick Wagstaff
    Patrick WagstaffHónapja

    Do a giveaway on those spikes🤔

  • Jose Delgado
    Jose DelgadoHónapja

    That white tube is the gas line? There was no way to hide it?

  • John Stedman

    John Stedman


    The white pipe which is visible on the interior of the south wall of the former garage is the incoming water main from the Well House. It was installed recently, and probably could have been better located, ideally inside the hot water tank cupboard or in the area occupied by the HVAC main unit. However, it is unclear what use the former garage is to be put and how it will be detailed, and the pipe may in due course be hidden by built-in cupboards or other fixed furnishings.

  • ThePapiloops

    white privilege

  • Goonzquadgtr Gtr
    Goonzquadgtr GtrHónapja

    Cool nice goob 👍👌

  • Jeramy Masker
    Jeramy MaskerHónapja

    I thought this was a car channel.

  • Gus Mendez
    Gus MendezHónapja

    What happened to the helicopter?

  • John Stedman

    John Stedman


    The Robinson R22 is in storage at the 'Original Goonzquad Garage' (aka their parents' home) in Rossville, Georgia, awaiting powerplant repairs. Once it has been Certified Airworthy it will be flyable by anyone with the requisite Licence.

  • Bernardo Mesquita
    Bernardo MesquitaHónapja

    picasso broo hahaha

  • mao983

    This floor really sucks!

  • Tyler Combs
    Tyler CombsHónapja

    He’s rippin the bike with crocs and a bicycle helmet🤣

  • Sean Custeau
    Sean CusteauHónapja

    Part 83 fuck me build a car you’re gonna fuck up your fan base

  • Israel Becerra
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  • MGCBester Clan
    MGCBester ClanHónapja

    NiceJob on the floor

  • MGCBester Clan
    MGCBester ClanHónapja

    wow first time I heard your DAd He s a pro keep him in the videos We like him He support his sons

  • 713flores09

    That’s a beautiful floor!