Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor!!!

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We have been waiting for the longest time to get back onto some vehicle builds!!! After months of working on the new goonzquad headquarters, we are finally getting back into the groove. I'm sure we are a bit rusty after doing only construction work but I'm sure well pick right back up on it. We cant wait to start getting everything together and let this brand new build begin!!! Its going to be super epic!!!
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Rossville,GA 30741


  • TechnoObzor

    I think you guys need to sell some cars, let people drive them!

  • understood cdp11
    understood cdp114 napja

    The reason for the amber lights is for the same reason semi trucks do it's because they are wider than the average car

  • 789costela
    789costela4 napja

    Hey @goonzquad just a question! I know you said youre pets growed up at The originale house, but can you just don't bring them to The new house as a visit, or just slowly make them get used to both houses ?

    GALENGODIS4 napja

    Finger print is less secure than a pin code...

  • Mr Mong7890
    Mr Mong78905 napja

    Hey goonzquad I miss you so much that why I say like that 1year a go my phone just and a month I just buying a new phone and I just for got your HUbase name and that why I miss you I like a year bro who not miss you is my favourite HUbaserಥ╭╮ಥ

  • Impolite Chain62
    Impolite Chain625 napja

    You are brothers or friends?

  • Ethan Macheras
    Ethan Macheras6 napja

    excited for the build!

  • colts24
    colts248 napja

    Dang son is good to see you guys back in to building more cars and trucks

  • Joel Wachter
    Joel Wachter8 napja

    The orange lights are a government mandate for wide vehicles

  • Kali Johnson
    Kali Johnson8 napja

    Need a detailer my be loves your videos and the cars you guy rebuild

  • Kali Johnson

    Kali Johnson

    8 napja

    Bf not be

  • Bert Bert
    Bert Bert8 napja


  • Brewbee
    Brewbee9 napja

    Glad you're back!

  • Alberto Dominguez
    Alberto Dominguez9 napja

    Wow awesome project I have a questions how much does a truck cost salvage ? Or how much you guys pay for day? Because I would like to do something similar thank you again awesome work.

  • volvowagon70
    volvowagon709 napja

    So you want to build a built from the factory Baja truck into a built by goonzquad Baja truck?! Huh!

  • Jim Leffingwell
    Jim Leffingwell10 napja

    SO, Do you have a clean title ?? what will you sell it to for? how much ?? Where are you at?? Jim

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock11 napja

    Dangggggg man I love the fords this would be my dream truck if I could get one in U.K. you can get them always looking at them at the dealership near me aswell as the big 5.0 mustang too this is going to be a sweet project

  • Cousin Jack
    Cousin Jack14 napja

    Someone’s been eating their way through the house build.

  • Schwim Dandy
    Schwim Dandy14 napja

    I'd pay money to get these videos without any dialgogue..... dude..... dudedude...... dudedudedude.

  • Gundam Blue
    Gundam Blue15 napja

    What's carbon fiber??

  • patrick arizala
    patrick arizala16 napja

    Too much talk

  • Mario Guzman
    Mario Guzman16 napja

    Dudeeeeeee *5000😂

  • muthana soub
    muthana soub16 napja

    Those guys talk like "dude. Where's my car" movie 😂

  • Pier Wobbler
    Pier Wobbler16 napja

    Finally back with cars!! Not gonna lie, stopped watching you cause houses aren't my jam. But sometimes I came back to see if you were back with cars, and that day if finally here!!! Soooooooo stoked!

  • Dan Sunnassee
    Dan Sunnassee16 napja


  • Nathan Alquiciras
    Nathan Alquiciras17 napja

    Fat Billy!

  • Nathan Alquiciras
    Nathan Alquiciras17 napja

    You should take al look to the salomondrin’s raptor... @galpineautosports

  • Nathan Alquiciras
    Nathan Alquiciras17 napja

    At least!!!!! I was bored with all the hq videos

  • Keegan Walsh
    Keegan Walsh17 napja

    I love how RAM is pulling the FORD

  • Jennifer Stacy
    Jennifer Stacy17 napja

    I need to ask. How the hell do you have so much energy and enthusiasm in your videos?

  • Жизнь свиновода и мясника
    Жизнь свиновода и мясника17 napja


  • Жизнь свиновода и мясника
    Жизнь свиновода и мясника17 napja


  • Action Movies
    Action Movies18 napja

    Even the original goonzquad headquarters did undergo some renovation.

  • Ronald Chambers
    Ronald Chambers21 napja

    nice work dude

  • Jason Swift
    Jason Swift21 napja

    Just repair the blue raptor and leave it stock dont put any wanker body kits on it or lift it or anything like that. Maybe do some engine work and ECU work but thats it.

  • Jason Swift
    Jason Swift21 napja

    Guys listen!! you have to sell 75% of your cars! you can't afford all this other stuff and fund new projects unless you sell them!! that ex cop car has to go, the camaro ZL1 has to go the orange POS viper has to go the silver chev truck, the hurracan as well, the red gladiator and that stupid boat, same with the ferrari and the stupid helicopter!

  • jorge 129
    jorge 12922 napja

    what the hell is going on what the previous owner of the pickup did to literally open the body and a door hit a saw or what I do not know what happened

    VTEC PLAYSTORE22 napja

    I'm new un the chanel and i would like yo know How much it cost you the truck?

  • Hey Now
    Hey Now23 napja

    y'all say dude way too much

  • Sling_ _Sh0t
    Sling_ _Sh0t23 napja


  • American Britishman
    American Britishman23 napja

    Lambo licking dog. That's a good dog. Taking care of the supercars haha

  • zain khan
    zain khan23 napja

    The jeep and two rams can get any more better

  • zain khan
    zain khan23 napja

    love the purple ram

  • _isma _
    _isma _23 napja

    bro it would of been funny if that was the raptor matt (from demo ranch) had lmao 😂

  • aa VARGAZ
    aa VARGAZ23 napja

    4:48 hey look at they all cars, epic cinematic videos from here, and I have seen all the build. Awesome dude 12:03 funny superman Punch man can we have Indonesian subtitles

  • Colin McLeod
    Colin McLeod24 napja

    Holy shit are you guys on coke?

  • Small engines 101
    Small engines 10124 napja

    I don't think the truck rolled over because the mirrors would be crushed

  • Jacob E
    Jacob E24 napja

    Omg guys, stop trying to act, just talk. Fuck I can’t do this. Annoying as hell

  • Jacob E
    Jacob E24 napja

    I can’t tell who’s copying who, you copying wrestling Chaplin or he’s copying you

  • Yash Kotian
    Yash Kotian24 napja

    Don't change the color even tho u gonna paint the whole truck but if u wanna spend and do the extra work fr changing the color a fully blacked out one woukd look crazy with hints of red

  • Ren
    Ren24 napja

    mate, is Billy doing drugs??

  • Nick_mastro
    Nick_mastro24 napja


  • VisitMyShack
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  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem25 napja

    ah! after a few months hiatus where I muted notificatiions glad to see another goonzquad rebuild!

  • Joshua Skirvin
    Joshua Skirvin25 napja

    I'm new to these kids so can someone explain to me why they have a Lambo, but not a full size trailer?

  • Killer Bean
    Killer Bean25 napja

    The teeny-tiny text muhly disapprove because servant formally recognise between a wealthy statistic. large, hateful dad

  • Rolling Thunder
    Rolling Thunder26 napja

    Afe has turbo enclosed air intakes in blue 🔵 that matches the electric blue color of your f150 raptor. Also look at fuel stroke rims. They are cool and come in blue as well.

  • Guillermo Romer
    Guillermo Romer26 napja

    What ever happened to the R22 Helicopter?

  • Jesse Knight
    Jesse Knight26 napja

    Inspiration search up Australian for drives there some real for drives and real ball bars too love your videos

  • Peter P
    Peter P26 napja

    My God talking with your hands and the whole spot just babbling babbling babbling

  • Invicta View
    Invicta View26 napja

    Good to see some car content again. Why not open a museum cum showroom, for the Goonzquad fleet? You could then have a smaller workshop, and no need to park all the builds outside. 🤔👍🇬🇧

  • Rieo Ramlall
    Rieo Ramlall27 napja

    After so long of not making a rebuild video the first one is a truck? Seriously?

  • My Two Good Hands
    My Two Good Hands27 napja

    Bummer that its a V6 I love the Ford Big V8's without turbos

  • My Two Good Hands
    My Two Good Hands27 napja

    Stay with the blue its a sweet color dude

  • Diego
    Diego27 napja

    Yesssss....... Carssss !!!!!

  • Joseph Flannery
    Joseph Flannery27 napja

    I’d recommend Method Racing MR312 wheels in bronze for the raptor, I have them on my 13 F-150 and I love how it looks

  • Jack
    Jack27 napja

    Nobody: Goonzquad: *alumanim*

  • Antonio Federico Arce Soto
    Antonio Federico Arce Soto27 napja

    Hola,es increíble lo que hacéis con los coches,saludos desde España

  • Shayan Malik
    Shayan Malik28 napja

    I lost count on how many times they said dude.

  • Magnus Polestar
    Magnus Polestar28 napja

    Now it's time to start follow you guy's again

  • Justin ivannoel
    Justin ivannoel29 napja

    Guys do you sell your Honda S2000? And how much

  • Josh A
    Josh A29 napja

    Comm'on, someone in america needs to "safely" wreck their trex in the name of good youtube content 😂😂😂 that would be an epic series

  • Adrian cornel
    Adrian cornel29 napja

    I think so

  • Gary Ferrari
    Gary Ferrari29 napja

    Been looking forward to this, I’ve followed the house build but this is what I really subscribed for

  • 3bdulra7man 13
    3bdulra7man 1329 napja

    I guess they bought it from whistling diesel

  • Chocolate Rulez1
    Chocolate Rulez129 napja

    Can’t believe your back on fixing cars that’s what I like to watch

  • RcGAmer7
    RcGAmer729 napja

    i love the truck and i think it would look great in purple

  • Jeremy Porter
    Jeremy Porter29 napja

    19:55 that was hilarious when he put his mouth on the dog whistle and instantly regretted it 😂😂😂

  • colin sawyers
    colin sawyersHónapja

    Definitely change the color to a different type of blue

  • Isiah Donovan
    Isiah DonovanHónapja

    New Ford truck trash they are starting to rust out all ready my grandfather told me he is a professional mechanic and welder

  • Cali_Kicks

    About time! I’ve been waiting for this build for the longest 😭😂

  • Jace Oh
    Jace OhHónapja

    Finally! I missed Goonzquad with wrecked cars bro.

  • Anders Vestlund
    Anders VestlundHónapja

    Bendpak tripple stackers!

  • Veerathiran Raavanan
    Veerathiran RaavananHónapja

    Blue is luckiest color for goonzquad

  • Shane Hurenkamp
    Shane HurenkampHónapja

    I can't believe how much shit these two talk.

  • Lg!!! !
    Lg!!! !Hónapja

    How do these homies have so much energy every video 😂

  • Michael Dowlin
    Michael DowlinHónapja

    Over the house build series you guys lost almost half of your viewers thank you for getting back to working on cars

  • Vincent Finlayson
    Vincent FinlaysonHónapja

    you should make it a manual transmission

  • J Skaggs
    J SkaggsHónapja


  • Don C
    Don CHónapja

    If they think that's best color (scheme) you can do on a truck, I'm not sure I'll even watch this series.

  • Nick Twaddell
    Nick TwaddellHónapja

    Duuuuuude, that's not a dog whistle :P

  • Filippo Mambelli
    Filippo MambelliHónapja

    I was going to buy of of those monsters but In italy ford don't sell the raptor because it pollutes too much. Fuck Europe!!!!!!!!!

  • Filippo Mambelli

    Filippo Mambelli


    The most powerful raptor i mean

  • Darrin Douglas
    Darrin DouglasHónapja

    One know you can do it.......

  • Shane Joyner
    Shane JoynerHónapja

    Finally back to the cars but way tooooooo much energy.....with no progress.....@vtuned

  • Mathew Reynolds
    Mathew ReynoldsHónapja

    Pulm crazy purple!

  • ZTM’s Garage
    ZTM’s GarageHónapja

    Don’t revvv 😢 that’s a aluminum block 😓😓😓

  • Aric Bishop
    Aric BishopHónapja

    Build a Ford ranger

  • Wassim Saleh
    Wassim SalehHónapja

    Finalyyyy, welcome back to our world

  • Aleritus YT
    Aleritus YTHónapja

    Too much carbon will make to too carbonated get it carbonated

  • Ed Kelly
    Ed KellyHónapja

    It's like you all finally woke up. A million subscribers dropped to 3 after 7 months of "This Old House" videos. I know it's your channel and you guys can do what you want. You have over a million views in a week on this Raptor video -- that has to tell you something about how your fans feel. You use to read your comments, but for the last 7 months its been like "nope, not reading comments, have to make a home repair video regardless of what fans are saying"'. I unsubscribed a while back, got tied of getting notifications about porch lights and kitchen cabinets. Not sure if I will subscribe again because while you guys were playing house I found Vise Grip Garage and Emelia Hartford, and like many fans I only have so much free time to watch HUbase -- but I'm glad to see you are back to car and truck builds.

  • siswadi Official
    siswadi OfficialHónapja

    nice new project bro