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  • Noe D. Martinez
    Noe D. Martinez16 órája

    Hey Goonzquad, Noah here from Texas. Yeah man those are some sick tires on that tesla. great job. Camaro is starting to take shape. cant wait to see it complete. I just acquired a 79 formula that i want to rebuild.

  • rsdavis07
    rsdavis0716 órája

    Place in ozark mo sells artificial palm trees

  • The Remix
    The Remix16 órája

    Who was subbed since 50k

  • Ryan Ballard
    Ryan Ballard16 órája

    Please please please get that tub off the deck. Just look at the math. The tub itself is 80 lbs. the tub holds 297 gallons of water. That is 2456 lbs in that small spot on the deck… and that is without people. That WAY more weight per square foot than that deck is designed for. Please listen to Pops and put it on the concrete below.

  • Alf Gundersen
    Alf Gundersen16 órája

    Cool dad 😎🤙👍

  • Jean Louis Ordehi Peña
    Jean Louis Ordehi Peña16 órája


  • Patrick Joseph
    Patrick Joseph16 órája

    I’m 17 and love and watch every episode u guys always do sick stuff

  • يونس ابونتالي نتالي
    يونس ابونتالي نتالي16 órája


  • No Name
    No Name16 órája

    Why didn't you show the self dug pond behind your containers? Because it dried up? Had no fresh water spring source to keep it filled?

  • StonedGrower
    StonedGrower16 órája

    Looks like you need gravel for the old head quarters too lol that mud looks sketchy

  • Ronnie Baker
    Ronnie Baker16 órája

    Kill the Bamboo. You'll be sorry if you don't!!!

  • Will B
    Will B16 órája

    I can see someone having trouble on his CDL test. 😂

  • erick huertas
    erick huertas16 órája

    Best HUbase family! 👌❤️

  • Ryan McCarthy
    Ryan McCarthy16 órája

    lol bruh its gd summer time in Tennessee, just leaving the water out there during the day is probably going to heat it up over 100 degrees

  • Texas Weather Enthuzst
    Texas Weather Enthuzst16 órája

    As a yard man myself, love the update on y’all’s yard and interior.

  • Garnett
    Garnett16 órája

    When the driveway with helicopter pad in the middle coming?

  • Andrews Auto Care
    Andrews Auto Care16 órája

    More video of the house plz

  • lrc works
    lrc works16 órája

    been watching these for a while and i must say so much respect thankyou best video ive watched since tavarishes lambo,.

  • Hector van der Aa
    Hector van der Aa16 órája

    Pops is blessed to have y'all and y'all are blessed to have pops, stay safe out there and keep it up

  • dtvtechrp
    dtvtechrp16 órája

    I love seeing your Pops in the vids

  • kwayne
    kwayne16 órája

    Still hard to believe there's no awning or whatever it's called above the front door lol

  • Jason Hovey
    Jason Hovey16 órája

    Dude fertilizer that old sod that’s why it’s yellow it up

  • zgdaf zgdaf
    zgdaf zgdaf16 órája

    What happened to the Doberman puppy 🐶 from a while back?

  • Mily Banily
    Mily Banily16 órája

    Deck will collapse.

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith16 órája

    Camaro is all I wanted to see 😂

  • ac
    ac16 órája

    Yo!! What’s your gamer tag!

  • Tt Dd
    Tt Dd16 órája

    Name the hampster...nantucket nugget

  • Walter Weigert
    Walter Weigert16 órája

    With all that sod and very little time to take care of it, I would put some automatic sprinkler system and forget until it´s needed to lawn. Invest in time-saving; you are growing faster than you know. Cheers from NE patagonia, Argentina.

  • Leonardo Moreno
    Leonardo Moreno16 órája

    Please guys get rid of those string lights. My eyes hurt XD

  • Chris Griffin
    Chris Griffin16 órája

    Just an FYI is bad luck to put a hat on the bed. House looks killer boys!

  • Bill Washburn
    Bill Washburn16 órája

    Pops is one hard working gentleman!

  • KiKitutorials1
    KiKitutorials116 órája

    Damn simeon help build that house and does t even get a room?? Married people always get dibs

  • Al Polly
    Al Polly16 órája

    Why don’t you knock a few stakes in under those overhanging rocks to support them.

  • esqueue
    esqueue16 órája

    Love your videos. I don't want to be that guy so I'll just post some math and let you make up your mind. I looked up that inflatable spa on Amazon. It takes 297 gallons of water to be filled at 80% water capacity. A gallon of water weighs 8.345 lbs. The diameter of this pool is 71 inches which means that the circular area that this spa has the weight of 2,478.465 lbs. in a 27.5 square feet area. About 90.14 lbs. per square feet for just the weight of the water only. The numbers were rounded up to the nearest hundredths for some of the numbers. I don't know the weight rating of the deck so someone else can tell me if that is safe but I don't think it is.

  • Lance Opperude
    Lance Opperude16 órája

    Sure a great video. Love when you guys goof around and just having fun. Makes my day just so much better

  • Daniel Stevens
    Daniel Stevens16 órája

    Goonzquad unleashed hot tub edition

  • Mempho Maniac
    Mempho Maniac16 órája

    I would rather see a fender or an engine being dropped in the camaro instead of this lame ass stuff!!!

  • Daniel Boskovski
    Daniel Boskovski16 órája

    Very much cutscenes!

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L16 órája

    Do y'all expect them to realize that the hot tub on the deck is a bad idea? There's barely one brain cell between the two of them lmao.

  • Albert Bustos
    Albert Bustos16 órája

    Who lives in the new house

  • below me
    below me16 órája


  • Gemini no Saga
    Gemini no Saga16 órája

    11:44 Scott Sumemers

  • Alexander Armenta
    Alexander Armenta16 órája

    Who els was hoping for a shirtless scene haha

  • Al Snow
    Al Snow16 órája

    Good content guys! It's a nice mix of wrenching and home maintenance!

  • John Stone
    John Stone16 órája

    Cowboy hat ON THE BED! Are you nuts?

  • Jack ollason
    Jack ollason16 órája

    Name the hamster Dr. ROBOTNIK. From the original sonic video game

  • John Morrison
    John Morrison16 órája

    Hey guys enjoy the show and im a big fan. Fescue is a cool season grass and I don't think it will grow well on the hill. Time will tell I just hate to see you spend time and money on something that's not going to work. You both did a good job planting it. If it does not last try monkey grass or junipers. You can plant palm and banana tress but you have to store them in garage. I miss that area. My moms family are from Virginia Ave near the Battlefield. Watch out for those cops in Catoosa county Ga

  • Randy Estes
    Randy Estes16 órája

    You guys have done great on everything you've done. Keep doing what you're doing. Your new home looks great! New wheels on Tesla looks GREAT! Can't wait to see what the Camaro looks like when it's finished. Need to get up with the Memphis guys and go Drag Racing.

  • Tommy Bennett
    Tommy Bennett16 órája

    Those deck lights need to be run up to the hill, it will give you the height you need and overall a better look

  • blahblah
    blahblah16 órája

    Waiting to see how they are gonna mow the grass. Maybe next time get some type of ground cover plants like moss or clover that grows on steep hills with little to no maintenance.

  • John Doe
    John Doe16 órája

    20:52 Hahahah what's with the edit

  • hotbeer josh
    hotbeer josh16 órája


  • Greg Laing
    Greg Laing16 órája

    You lights need work bros

  • William Robinson
    William Robinson16 órája

    Use the irs. You can drag race with it and you get a unique build that can handle like the car it's parts came from.. you have to use the IRS.

  • David McMinn
    David McMinn16 órája

    That’s a Highland coo , they roam the Scottish countryside chasing Haggis .

  • Amanda Fifer
    Amanda Fifer16 órája

    I feel like simon's throat was talking to me throughout this whole video 🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • colin Skelton
    colin Skelton16 órája

    That picture is a highland cow from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Free Meds
    Free Meds16 órája

    143 people die of balcony collapse per year.

  • Vexd
    Vexd16 órája

    Dang spa goonz

  • Ignus99
    Ignus9916 órája

    PLEEEEEEASE star the garage build on the new headquarters! I need the construction of a massive 6 car garage with a full living space above it in my life.

  • LeonRFpoa
    LeonRFpoa16 órája

    You should prop that hanging rock up with a couple four by four beams hammer them in tight and make another grotto with two chairs and a cafe table.

  • Trevor Harrison
    Trevor Harrison16 órája

    Pops is always at it men 🤙💯 the support off the family is awesome men

  • Brenda Hunt
    Brenda Hunt16 órája

    Hi ,there my favorite you tube family l loved watching the videos of the Goonzquad Headquarters today l miss seeing you guy’s there and with that being said I was just wondering when you were building the house I thought you said your brother was supposed to be moving in with you and your wife but l saw from the video he’s not living there just was wondering if he’s still living with your parents because I know you both built a house together so I thought you would enjoy it together but I was just curious but it’s really none of my business I just love seeing you guys put out Amazing videos and love seeing your dad being a part of every video he’s keep me smiling so thank you 🙏 for all you do and all the hard work you Videos you put out I love being a part of your family May God bless you all tell your beautiful mom I said hello one of your biggest fan and supporter 🙏💙🙏

  • bcimato
    bcimato16 órája

    What ever happened to your Doberman puppy? Have not seen any updates in a while.

  • mrgoodbar216
    mrgoodbar21616 órája

    That would be a dope airbnb house

  • Ali1
    Ali116 órája

    Bathroom looks beautiful, it was definitely worth all the hard work and time you guy's put into it. Keep up the excellent work GOONZQUAD and stay safe. 🥊 🥊 🥊 👍 👍 👍

  • Dalton Peters
    Dalton Peters16 órája

    Off to Twitch hot tub streamers for you Billy, time to make bank !

  • Chris Nicolson
    Chris Nicolson16 órája

    21:50 its a Scottish highland cow

  • Jan Martens
    Jan Martens16 órája

    Oooooowww get rid of the bamboo, or putting it in big pots. It is really invasive!!

  • Lunatick916
    Lunatick91616 órája

    😂 there's NO WAY they talk to each other like that off camera 📸 LOL 😆 DEWWWWD! 😬

  • nicholas betters
    nicholas betters16 órája

    Come take my palm tree out my yard we’re about to dig it up I have a big one at least 20ft In Orlando

  • cabover camper darren thomas
    cabover camper darren thomas16 órája

    Put columns underneath those overhanging stones to support them

  • Ray C
    Ray C16 órája

    How are you going to cut that grass?

  • Jim Banks
    Jim Banks16 órája

    water weights 8.41 pounds per gallon, a lot of weight in that tub

  • Shelby 500
    Shelby 50016 órája

    How are you gonna mow the grass on the side of the hill? 🤡🤡🤡

  • Glass__blowing
    Glass__blowing16 órája

    You guys are great! and content is amazing it’s always entertaining never a dull moment! Definitely my favorite to watch!

  • Alex Pope
    Alex Pope16 órája

    Watch out boys, Pops is taking over the show! You guys are awesome!

  • Stephen Luther
    Stephen Luther16 órája

    Good luck mowing that hill.